Coffee blend for espresso

Intorno al caffè abbiamo costruito un mondo di servizi

Reversecoffee: the best Coffee blend for Italian espresso.

Every coffee blend for espresso Reversecoffee is the result of a careful selection of raw material and of a state-of-the-art roasting, combining the artisan method with the most innovative technologies.

The organoleptic qualities of coffee remain unchanged and each blend contains the right balance between different grains by origin, shape and size.

Our Coffee blend for Italian espresso represents, in fact, the perfect harmony between Arabica and Robusta, that creates the most sublime union between taste and flavor.

Depending on the mixture you choose, you can find and taste different shades in each cup of espresso coffee.

From 5.2 Red, with its strong flavor with a thick foam, to 3.6 Blue, with its delicate, aromatic and slightly fruity taste. From 2.7 Black and its vaporous acidity, to 0.5 Deca, the decaffeinated version with a light aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Choose, in our shop online, your Arabic coffee blend for espresso from our selection made by 2kgs packs or by capsules, that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Contact us to have more information and let yourself be inebriated by the aroma of our coffee blend for espresso!

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