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Health in a coffee

Health in a coffee

According to a number of studies, caffeine has beneficial effects on the kidneys, liver, heart, brain and cerebrospinal nervous system, lungs, digestive system and endocrine glands.

HEART: improves the arterial tone and the circulation and reduces the calcification of the coronaries; BRAIN: reduces the risk of stroke and thanks to antioxidants it slows down the ageing process. It protects against mnemonic decline, it improves learning abilities and its vasoconstrictive properties help in the case of migraines; LIVER: it increases and intensifies the secretion of bile as well as having the ability to reduce damages caused by alcohol by hindering the onset of liver cirrhosis; KIDNEYS: it stimulates diuresis; NERVOUS SYSTEM: it increases the speed of reaction; LUNGS: it increases the dilation of the bronchi and hence pulmonary ventilation; DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: stimulates the blood vessels which in turn help digestion; ENDOCRINE GLANDS: stimulates adrenal gland secretions, the thyroid and hence the metabolism.


The rule of the 5 M

Whether at the bar or within one’s own home the rules are rules and must be respected.

the understanding of the difference between the various raw coffees and their compatibility as well as their reaction to roasting is crucial to enable the creation of blends that can satisfy personal tastes. Needless to say that the use of high quality raw materials and an in depth knowledge of the product will allow the operator to achieve better results.

the grinder-doser the first and most important tool the operator has to work with and hence it must always be in perfect condition and as clean as possible.

the espresso machine is the second tool for the transformation of the product which takes the coffee from its solid state to a liquid one; the dosage of the coffee is about 7 grams of ground powder.

this is perhaps the most important factor in the preparation of the perfect espresso. The operator must judge the doses to perfection in order to satisfy the tastes of every client.

the machine should never be switched off, the filter must be cleaned every day, the manometers should not display the high end values and should never display values above 1.4 bar. It is especially important to remove the salt residues that accumulate in the purifier.