We have built a world of services around the coffee bean

We share our passion with you to bring value to your work:

from cultural knowledge to technical information, from branded sachets to napkins. Coffee is a work of art and deserves a frame to suit its value.

The packaging: safeguard the flavour up to the last gram

All the blends of roasted coffee grains are preserved in oxygen barrier bags with a triple layer film and a one-way degassing valve to prevent the contained roasted coffee from coming contact with and being damaged by oxygen present in the air.

A book to spread the culture

Our book “EI, Espresso italiano, Coffee History” is a precious tool as it will expand your knowledge of the world of coffee, from the peculiarities of its origins to the details of the blends, from the roasting techniques to its health benefits. You could use this information as a tool for constructive conversation in your bar and to maintain the loyalty of your clients.

The comunication

Napkins, napkin holders, single dose sugar sachets, brim for the barman and Reversecoffe branded coffee cups: every detail should transmit professionalism and care for the environment.