Artisanal selection and innovative roasting to enhance natural aromas

The different varieties of green coffee beans are roasted at our roasting site after having been blended:

this is a process requiring a high level of attention and a knowledgebase that enables one to choose the right balance among beans which differ in origin, size and shape. The complete Artisanal Methodology of REVERSECOFFEE roasting, along with the desire and the talent of our specialised technicians, in selecting and blending single origin coffees are essential values of our company’s philosophy, as it is exactly during this delicate phase that the volatile aromatic compounds develop which give give the espresso its flavour and its aroma.
The blend is then roasted exclusively with machines that use the Vertiflow System. This, unlike static ovens which irradiate the outside of the product, is a roasting process which can be controlled by a technician and its high quality is based on the fact that the procedure takes place in air suspension (fluid bed) resulting in uniform roasting from the outside to the heart of the bean and maintaining unaltered the organoleptic qualities of the product.